Tribal Dancewear, Yoga Clothing and Bellydance Costumes!

Tribal dance costumes, yoga wears, skull buttons and more from Creaturre

In 2014, Creaturre celebrates it's 15th birthday! So, we have decided to work on a more professionnal website. With our two Etsy Shops (Creaturre Burlesque and Creaturre Hardware), we already offer you a large choice of pants, skirts, tops and accessories that you can wear for practice or while performing on a stage. To help you creat the costume of your dreams, our new website will have all the informations you need in one place.

Tribal Dance Wear

Underbust Vest - Tribal Fusion Dance Clothes - Creaturre

Our line of tribal dancewear is designed by and for dancers. Genevieve, the owner of Creaturre, have praticed bellydance for many years before turning to tribal dance. She knows the moves and she knows what will help you look good on a stage! She always has in mind that comfort must comes first. This is why almost everything we offer can be adjusted to your size for free.

Pants, skirts and tops, we have it all! We have a large choice of colours, fabrics and patterns (stripes, jester and many more).

You can shop for your tribal dance costume at Creaturre Burlesque on Etsy.

Skull Buttons

Halloween Costumes - Bird Skulls - Creaturre

Do you know our exclusive skull buttons? Carved by Genevieve and produced locally, here in Montreal, they are perfect accessories for your costume. For now, we have two models (bird skull button and human skull button) in four different colours: gun metal (black nickel), antique silver, antique brass and copper. They are available in Creaturre Hardware's shop on Etsy.

In 2014, Genevieve wants to create new models. New skulls, but also other kinds of pewter jewlery and accessories. The process being as creative as it's time consuming, the new buttons will probably be available at the end of Spring.

Mermaid Skirt - Gold Fabric - Creaturre

Mermaid skirts

We are really proud of our line of mermaid skirts. It will be one of the first section to be offered on the new Creaturre's website!

If you want a mermaid skirt right now, you can go to the Mermaid Skirts section our our Etsy Shop.

Yoga Wears

In 2013, Genevieve rediscovered Yoga. She liked it a lot and she tought of some clothes that she'd like to wear while practicing it. Many clothes that we offer in our Etsy shop are already adapted for Yoga, but we will offer you some more in 2014.